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Octubre 2010 - Sonómetro CEL630

Octubre 2010 - Sonómetro CEL630 El boletín informativo de Octubre trata de ruido ambiental y el nuevo rango de sonómetros avanzados CEL630, y resultan ideales para las siguientes aplicaciones:

Environmental Noise: When we talk about "environmental noise", we are usually referring to noise from a factory, industrial site or construction site that is emitted into the community. The measurement of environmental noise is usually instigated after complaints from residents or planning applications for business expansion.

New CEL633 Sound Level Meter

The top-spec meter from the CEL630 series is the CEL633, which includes all the measurements needed for both environmental and occupational noise measurement.

As required by most regulations, the CEL633 measures the periodic LAeq, LA90 and LAmax. It also stores the level every second (or at other user selectable rates) so you can view a graph of the sound level over time.

Store All, Miss Nothing

The CEL633 automatically stores all parameters. There is no need to select which ones you want before pressing Start, so no risk of making a mistake in the field. As the meter has a single range covering 20 to 140 dB(A), you won't miss the very high or very low levels, as would be the case with a limited span meter that relies on you selecting the range.

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